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Moving in the greater Burnaby area can be very challenging. Large moves are essentially about planning in advance, setting up your utilities, packing correctly, and maintaining a moving day checklist. Whether you are moving on your own, with another person, or with your family, make sure to have the classiest Burnaby Movers to help.

We Can Take Care of Packing, Loading and Unloading


Having professional movers during the process could make or break your experience. Stay Classy Moving can help you pack your home, load the truck, drive to your new home, unload and unpack for you. It’s hard to ask for a better service than that. While Stay Classy Moving is pleased to help you undertake the packing, it is recommended you leave the heavy lifting to us. If you feel as though there won’t be enough time to move everything in one day, it is a good idea to rent storage space if the need arises. As a reliable moving company, providing you with quick, professional and great service is what we strive to do.

Getting Ready For Your Upcoming Move with Burnaby Movers


First and foremost, eliminate some of your stress by calling your insurance, electric and water companies to make sure your new home is ready for your arrival. Pay any deposits necessary to save some time from canceling or setting up new accounts, most can simply be transferred from your old address.

Identify What’s Fragile


Remember to pack consciously, wrapping delicate and glass items correctly and utilizing as much of the available space as possible. Items tend to shift during a move, so remain aware of items that need to be handled with care. In some cases people may pack in a hurry, forgetting how easily items can break. Once the smaller things are packed, you can leave the bulkier furniture for us to handle. Additionally, remember what is heavy as well. Overpacking a box often results in it tearing during the move. Packing small appliances, books or decorations that are heavy can be spread out instead of put all in one place. No matter the amount of boxes, your Burnaby movers can handle it all.

When Should You Book Your Burnaby Movers


It is best to book your Burnaby area movers as soon as you know your moving date. It is unfortunate when We love to start our days early to make sure the entire day can be used for a safe and stress – free move. Calling in a moving company at the last minute could put you in a delicate position, as many Burnaby moving companies tend to have full schedules. Keep in mind the date of your move as it approaches and make sure to be as prepared as possible

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Moving Can Be a Fabulous Time


Moving is a chance to start somewhere fresh. Settling into a new neighborhood means being able to explore local malls, parks, and the restaurants, and you get to meet new people. Each time you relocate it should be an upgrade from where you were before, and our Burnaby movers are here to make sure that happens for you. As sophisticated movers in Burnaby, we are here to help your moving day go as smoothly as possible, all with high energy and positivity geared toward your day.

Contact Stay Classy Moving and Storage


As professionals, Classy Moving & Storage knows all the tips and tricks for moving delicate to bulky items. We provide local, long distance, commercial and international moves. The bigger the move the more important it is that you communicate with us the details necessary for a smooth process. Contact us by calling (778) 847-7717 with any comments or questions about your move and our methods. We are available 24/7 so please do not hesitate to communicate when you need us

For the past 21 years we have provided classy moving services in the Burnaby area. We move you directly to or from all of the many amazing neighbourhoods and communities that Burnaby has to offer, including:

● Edmonds
● The Crest
● Brentwood Park
● Capitol Hill
● Cariboo
● Government Road
● Lake City Industrial
● Lochdale
● Montecito
● Oakdale
● Cameron

● Parkcrest
● Simon Fraser Hills
● Simon Fraser University
● Vancouver Heights
● Westridge
● Willingdon Heights
● Big Bend
● Buckingham Heights
● Burnaby Lake
● Deer Lake Place
● Richmond Park

● Forest Glen
● Garden Village
● Highgate
● Metrotown
● Oaklands
● South Slope
● Suncrest
● Upper Deer Lake
● Stride Hill
● Parkcrest-Aubrey
● Sperling-Broadway